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Steve Harder

Executive Director

Tom Hendrix

Asst. Exec. Director/Safety

(541) 752-2615

Operations Director

Carmen Ponce

(541) 766-6594

Roberto Ponce

Operations Coordinator

(541) 766-6590

William is smiling while driving one of our vehicles. He is wearing a gray dial a bus shirt and sunglasses. He has close cut brown hair.
Jenny is standing in the office smiling in front of one of the dispatch desks. She has medium length silver hair and she wears glasses.
Dispatcher, Eileen smiling at her desk. Eileen has salt and pepper shoulder length hair, brown eyes, an round glasses.

William Allison


Jenny Dick

Dispatch/Fleet Maintenance

(541) 752-2615

Jason Tighe

Maintenance & Safety

Eileen Milligan


(541) 752-2615


Executive Director Steven Harder in front of a Dial-A-Bus van helping a client in her wheelchair. Steve has close cut silver hair and is smiling at the camera with our client
Tom is in the Dial A Bus lot smiling in all his dial a bus gear. He is tall and wears glasses.
Carmen is smiling while on her work headset. She has blond hair and is wearing glasses and a dark sweater
Roberto is laughing while on his headset at work talking with a client. He has short black hair and brown eyes.
Nicole has long brown hair and bangs. She has brown eyes and is smiling at the camera in the office. She is wearing a fancy black and white blouse with an intricate design and sequins.
Emma Heim has long auburn hair, blue eyes, and is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black sweater and standing in front of a tree.

Nicole A.

Dispatch/Volunteer Organizer

(541) 752-2615

Emma Heim

Social Media/Webmaster

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