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What We Do


Dial-A-Bus is a non-profit agency that responds to the transportation needs of the community in many different settings and forms. In addition to senior citizens and people with disabilities, we serve disadvantaged children and families, provide ADA service for community events, partner with other important service providers like Old Mill Center, The Boys and Girls Club, and all of the surrounding school districts that need help with displaced school children. During the pandemic, the Corvallis homeless coalition, the Benton Food Bank and the Benton County Health Department all requested and received our help, which we were happy to provide.

We will continue to be “The Agency That Says Yes” to the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community.


Our Mission

To provide special transportation services to seniors, people with disabilities, and underserved children and families in Benton and adjoining counties.

Our Goal

To ensure that all of our clients have access to transportation such that they can be a participatory and active member of the community to whatever extent and in whatever capacity they want. Our secondary goal is to involve the larger community as supporters, volunteer drivers, and donors so that we can continue to meet the needs of their friends, neighbors, and family members when they inevitably arise.

Our History

Dial-A-Bus has been operating for over 40 years, from the humble beginnings of a small group of senior volunteers in the mid-1970’s who made sure their friends could get to and from the Senior Center, Dial-A-Bus of Benton County has grown into an agency that serves the transportation needs of senior and disabled adults, children and families navigating poverty and other challenges, the homeless and home-insecure community members of Benton County, and disabled and displaced school children.

The culture of Dial-A-Bus is one of compassion and commitment and this is revealed daily through the appreciative feedback from our clients and their caregivers as we provide the link between the riders and their work, friends, family, doctors, and services.

Our program is 90% volunteer based and these volunteer hours are a critical piece for the continuation of this low cost service, as well as an important part of our revenue through matched government and private grants. Volunteers serve on our Board of Directors, drive regular or as-needed shifts, and provide other services as needed for our operations.

From humble beginnings, Dial-A-Bus has become an intrinsic part of the lives of many of our Benton County neighbors. While we have grown in every year of our existence, we will always strive to maintain the spirit of service to the individual that gave birth to our Agency.

Woman assisting an elderly lady getting out of a car.
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