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Driving Toward a Better World

What would your life look like if you lost access to transportation?

How would you get to work, go grocery shopping, socialize with friends and family, or get to a doctor appointment? Dial-A-Bus is raising funds for people who ask themselves these questions daily with our Driving Toward a Better World Campaign.

Bulletin board with photos hanging up showing a mother and daughter grocery shopping, a mother and daughter visiting the doctor, an elderly man visiting the doctor, the view from the front seat of a car, people being given food at a food bank, and a senior citizen attending a physical therapy session.

When a single mother with two jobs has to choose between a meal, gas money, or a delivery charge, we could be there to provide the transportation. When a retired teacher living in Linn County needs to start dialysis and the closest clinic is in Benton County, we could get him there.

With over 32,600 people in Benton and Linn Counties living below the poverty line, it’s clear that these rides will be life changing for a lot of people. The top three barriers to people receiving healthcare in America are cost, transportation, and time. Although the Corvallis Transit System is free, taking the bus takes more time out of your day and many people may not even be able to access the bus system if they are located in a rural area. We want to help break down these barriers, not only for healthcare, but in all aspects of people’s lives.

When you view our Services page on our website, you see "Demand Response" and "Linn County Medical" as two types of transportation that we provide. These services are for people who do not qualify to use the Benton Area Transit service (BAT Lift) or who live outside of the service area, but still desperately need transportation that the local bus systems cannot provide. They aren't funded and many times we cover costs ourselves in whatever ways we can when the folks we are helping cannot. We never want to refuse anyone in need of a ride, so we are asking for help from people in this community who can afford it. When you donate to our campaign, you’ll be covering the costs for people who really need to use those services.

People and families with children who are struggling financially and older folks living in rural areas who need to see a doctor. These are the people whose lives you'll be changing when you donate to help us drive toward a better world.

This will be an ongoing fundraiser that can be donated to monthly or any time you have the funds and want to break down transportation barriers.

$10 Covers a ride within Corvallis to a local doctor, store, etc.

$50 Covers a ride outside Benton County limits

$100 Covers multiple rides for people and families who are struggling

Help us make the world better for people in our community.

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