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New Logo, Same Dial-A-Bus

The new Dial-A-Bus logo shows three people reaching out to one another. One is in a wheelchair, one is an adult standing up, and one is a child. Below the figures is the name of the organization, Dial A Bus. A line goes under the name and below it are the words Benton County, where we are located and do most of our work.
Our new logo as of 2023

Last year we took a hard look at our logo and asked ourselves what it said about our organization. It clearly shows movement, which is an important aspect of what we do, but it isn't everything. So, one of our drivers took on the task of creating a new logo for us!

Dial A Bus Benton County in italics separated by a red line. Above the words are three swooshed lines on top of each other which resemble tire tracks.
Our previous logo

We wanted to make sure that even with the new logo, we would still be recognizable to our clients. Our name is the same, the layout is the same, and the color scheme is similar. But instead of three swooshes that resemble a tire track, we now have three people reaching out to one another. These figures represent our community, connected. They represent our drivers and our clients, Dial-A-Bus and our nonprofit partners, our clients and the people at their destination.

When people see the Dial-A-Bus logo, we want them to know that we are more than transportation. At Dial-A-Bus, we are building community mile by mile and driving toward a better world with compassion.

Although we have this amazing new logo, our previous logo will not be disappearing anytime soon. As a small nonprofit, we won't be using our funds to immediately replace all of our vehicle logos, but we do plan to slowly incorporate the new design into our organization. We will be adding it to our website, our social media, bumper stickers, etc. Our current vehicles will keep the old logo until it absolutely needs to be redone due to age and the elements. Any new vehicles, of course, will receive the new logo from the start.

We are excited to get our new logo out there and we hope that you love it as much as we do!

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