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Dial-A-Bus and Benton Area Transit

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Ride the BAT and you’ll still be riding with Dial-A-Bus.

In the foreground is a van with the Dial-A-Bus logo and in the background is bus with the Benton Area Transit logo in the Dial A Bus dispatch parking lot

If you’ve seen the Benton Area Transit (BAT) buses around town and have been wondering what happened to Dial-A-Bus, we are still here! All Benton Area Transit buses are scheduled and operated by Dial-A-Bus employees and volunteers.

The reason behind the update is that a number of the vehicles operated by

Dial-A-Bus are owned by Benton County.

The county recently decided to rebrand their vehicles that are run by us under contract. The name change does not alter our services in any way. You will continue to see both BAT and Dial-A-Bus vehicles driving around town since we will not be changing the logos on the vehicles that we own.

Know that we are still here for you and your family members and we are still operating the same as we always have.

Dial-A-Bus Dial-A-Bus vehicle and BAT bus in the dispatch lot.

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