Coast to Valley Schedule

The Coast to Valley Express is making some schedule adjustments to better align with the HUT Shuttle Departures from the Corvallis Hilton Garden Inn, and with the revised Amtrak Cascades train schedule for the Albany Amtrak Station. Route efficiencies resulting from the new Pioneer Mountain/Eddyville Bypass section of Highway 20 have allowed us to trim travel times by approximately ten minutes, and provided the opportunity to improve connections to these other transit services. These schedule changes go into effect beginning Monday, August 13, and will be permanent changes. New brochures will be available at public locations in Corvallis, Philomath, Toledo, and Newport; at the Albany Amtrak Station, or the schedules may be viewed below.

New Westbound Schedule

 Run 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
Amtrak Station, Albany8:55 AM4:45 PM
Samaritan Hospital & Clinics3:40 PM5:10 PM
Corvallis Transit Center6:20 AM9:12 AM3:52 PM5:18 PM
Corvallis Hilton Garden Inn6:27 AM9:22 AM3:59 PM5:23 PM
Bi-Mart, 53rd Street6:35 AM***
Philomath, 14th & Main6:42 AM9:35 AM4:11 PM5:35 PM
Eddyville P.O. (Flag Stop) ************
Toledo, Park & Ride7:20 AM10:10 AM***6:13 PM
Newport City Hall7:32 AM10:20 AM5:00 PM6:25 PM
South Beach, Hatfield MSC7:40 AM***5:10 PM***
*** indicates on call request – speak with your driver or transit office for more information

New Eastbound Schedule

 Run 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
Eastbound Runs 1 and 3 and Westbound Runs 2 and 4 operated by Lincoln County Transit. Eastbound Runs 2 and 4 and Westbound Runs 1 and 3 operated by Benton Co. Transportation.
South Beach, Hatfield MSC***8:40 AM5:30 PM
Newport City Hall6:31 AM8:50 AM2:40 PM5:40 PM
Toledo, Park & Ride6:40 AM9:02 AM2:49 PM5:52 PM
Eddyville Church (Flag Stop) ************
Philomath, 11th & Applegate7:20 AM9:42 AM3:29 PM6:30 PM
Bi-Mart, 53rd Street***6:37 PM
Corvallis Hilton Garden Inn7:30 AM9:54 AM3:49 PM6:44 PM
Corvallis Transit Center7:34 AM10:01 AM3:53 PM6:50 PM
Samaritan Hospital & Clinics7:48 AM10:13 AM
Amtrak Station, Albany8:18 AM4:25 PM
*** indicates on call request – speak with your driver or transit office for more information