Dial-A-Bus and Benton County Transportation will be ending the fifth daily run. The extra fifth run was a trial run and resulted in very few, if any riders. The last day for this service is July 6, 2018. We apologize for any inconvenience. The regularly scheduled Runs 1-4 will continue like normal.
 Run 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
DTC, 5th & Monroe9:30 AM1:30 PM5:20 PM
Avery Square & 9th St.9:34 AM1:34 PM5:24 PM
Circle Blvd. & 9th St.9:37 AM1:37 PM5:27 PM
Samaritan Professionals Bldg.9:40 AM1:40 PM5:31 PM
Good Samaritan Hospital9:41 AM1:41 PM5:32 PM
Elks Dr. Asbury Bldg.9:42 AM1:42 PM5:33 PM
Elks Dr. Aumann Bldg.9:43 AM1:43 PM5:34 PM
Adair Village: Hibiscus7:08 AM9:54 AM1:54 PM5:45 PM
Adair Village: Azalea7:11 AM9:57 AM1:57 PM5:48 PM
Adair Village: Arnold7:15 AM10:01 AM2:01 PM5:52 PM
Vandenburg & Hwy 99W7:19 AM10:05 AM2:05 PM5:56 PM
Lewisburg & Hwy 99W7:24 AM10:10 AM2:10 PM
Samaritan Professionals Bldg.7:29 AM10:15 AM2:15 PM
Good Samaritan Hospital7:30 AM10:16 AM2:16 PM
Elks Dr. Asbury Bldg.7:31 AM10:17 AM2:17 PM
Elks Dr. Aumann Bldg.7:32 AM10:18 AM2:18 PM
Circle Blvd. & 9th St.7:35 AM10:21 AM2:21 PM
Avery Square & 9th St.7:39 AM10:25 AM2:25 PM
DTC, 5th & Monroe7:42 AM10:29 AM2:30 PM
Times noted in red are on call stops only. Call (541) 752-2615 to request an outbound stop or talk to your driver for an inbound stop.